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Garbage bags directly from the manufacturer

Are you looking for inexpensive trash bags and garbage bags? Order your disposal bags from INFOLIO, your specialist for film products. We supply companies, municipalities and public clients. We provide you with sturdy garbage bags for the disposal of all kinds of waste. You will get exactly the waste sacks and bags you need - no matter if standard product or special design. Profit from our attractive offers.

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INFOLIO garbage bags - Product data

Category: Bags
  • LDPE garbage bags, HDPE garbage bags, MDPE garbage bags,
  • Regenerated, virgin 1a,
  • Mono (1-layer) or Coex (multi-layer),
  • RUWOLEN garbage bags.
  • INFOLIO®-PCR garbage bags
Sizes: according to customer requirements
Thicknesses: from approx. 6 µm (my) (HD-PE)
Welding seams: bottom seam, side seam, LTS seam, star welding


Any according to your specification; also translucent (translucent).

perforated on the roll, interleaved on the roll, loose, blocked with PP ribbon

Printing: flexo printing up to 8 colors according to Pantone©, inline printing
Additives: Antistatic agent, UV stabilizer
Applications: waste disposal, (municipal) waste management, cleaning industry (our offer is mainly directed to cleaning companies, municipalities, public clients and other bulk buyers)
Minimum quantities: depending on article type and dimensions approx. 300 kg - 500 kg

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What are garbage bags?

Even if this question seems trivial at first, it makes sense to first be clear about what a garbage bag is in the first place, what requirements it should meet, and what the difference is between a garbage bag and a trash bag.

Wikipedia defines a garbage bag/garbage sack as follows:

A garbage bag or trash bag, in Switzerland Abfallsack or Kehrichtsack, is a bag for the transport or intermediate storage of waste, which is disposed of with the contents (...). It is often used as an insert in waste containers to keep the container itself clean.

Requirements for a garbage bag

A garbage bag must perform a lot, and the following requirements are important.

  • Stability and tear resistance: Every garbage bag should be stable enough. After all, what is more annoying than a torn garbage bag? By means of a special production process, we are able to manufacture garbage bags that are already very strong with a low material thickness. This saves material and costs.

  • Cost efficiency: When purchasing garbage bags and garbage sacks, it is always a matter of choosing a favorable product, especially since it is a standard product. We will be happy to advise you on how to save money by choosing the right sacks and bags - whether it's the material, the right size or smart picking, which we will be happy to do for you.

  • Environmental friendliness: Most of the garbage sacks and garbage bags we sell are made of polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE and MDPE), which burns to CO2 and water in an environmentally neutral way when disposed of, or is easily recyclable. We produce 80% of the garbage bags from washed and recycled waste film, the so-called regenerate.

  • No or hardly any permeability to moisture: Often, some organic waste also ends up in the residual waste. A normal garbage bag should be able to withstand this. This assumes that it is impermeable to moisture. At INFOLIO, you can of course get garbage bags that meet this requirement. This makes waste disposal a clean affair.

  • Easy handling: Nobody has the time to spread out a garbage bag or garbage sack in a cumbersome way first, because it sticks together too much. We also pay attention to easy handling during production. So that the user has the garbage bags quickly at hand, we supply the garbage bags and sacks perforated on the roll, among other things. Garbage bags in the shape of a shirt carrier bag are quickly closed. Bags with a drawstring offer even more convenience.

  • Accurate fit: A trash bag or garbage bag should fit exactly into the disposal container. If the trash bag is too small, the container may become contaminated. Likewise, a garbage bag that is too large is out of the question due to the corresponding higher costs. For this reason, we offer garbage bags in all common sizes. Also for special waste containers. Please contact us.

The difference between a garbage bag and a garbage sack

The distinction between a garbage bag and a garbage sack is made by the size. Usually a disposal bag up to 70 liters is a garbage bag and from 70 liters a garbage bag. Nevertheless, both terms are also often used synonymously. With us you can get both garbage bags and garbage sacks.


What kind of garbage bags are available at INFOLIO?

Garbage bags after processing

Drawstring bags

Drawstring bags are garbage bags with an envelope on the upper edge, in which a drawstring made of plastic is incorporated. By pulling the band together, the garbage bag can be easily closed. In addition, it is possible to fill the garbage bag completely.

Carry handle bag

Carry handle bags are shaped like shirt bags (shirt carry bags). The loops make it easy to close the garbage bag. Both loops are simply knotted. Carry handle bags are among the most common trash bags.

Side gusseted bags

Large volume garbage bags often have a side gusset. Gusseted trash bags are also particularly suitable for rectangular trash cans or disposal garbage cans. In addition, due to the flat bottom, the gusseted bag can be placed more easily when full without falling over.

Garbage bags colored

Order colored garbage bags from us at low prices. Black garbage bags, blue garbage bags, green garbage bags, red garbage bags and garbage bags in many other colors are available from us. Simply discuss your needs with us. Choose between a transparent, translucent and opaque version.

Trash bags and garbage sacks by size

Since we manufacture according to customer requirements, all bin liner sizes are basically possible. Common variants are as follows:

  • Garbage bags 20l
  • Garbage bags 25l
  • Garbage bags 30l
  • Garbage bags 60l
  • Garbage bags 120l
  • Garbage bags 240l

Garbage bags according to the purpose

Garbage bags for organic waste

Compostable garbage bag or paper bag? Which garbage bags for the organic waste garbage can?

For kitchen waste or garden waste you can get compostable organic waste bags from us, for example made of corn starch or potato starch. However, these garbage bags are not always the right choice. Before buying them, please find out whether the municipality responsible for your organic waste garbage can or the relevant waste disposal company can recycle the compostable organic waste without any problems. Some municipalities even explicitly advise against compostable waste bags.

So far, not all disposal facilities are on the same technical level; in most cases, the organic waste bags have to be sorted out because they do not differ from conventional plastic bags. Also the actual compostability is not always given. You can read more about this in an article in Die Welt.

Garbage bags for residual waste

For residual waste, garbage bags made of polyethylene, for example LDPE or HDPE, are best suited. The tear-resistant material allows you to dispose of waste hygienically. As already described above, you can get plastic garbage bags from us in all common sizes, individual dimensions are also possible. Ask for an individual offer from us right away.

Garbage bags according to the material

We produce LDPE garbage bags (garbage bags made of low density polyethylene), HDPE garbage bags (garbage bags made of high density polyethylene) and MDPE garbage bags (garbage bags made of medium density polyethylene). We produce 80% of all garbage bags and trash sacks in an environmentally friendly way from reclaimed, recycled plastic. Our refuse sacks made of RUWOLEN film are a special product. These PE refuse sacks, produced by coextrusion, achieve high tear strength even with a low material thickness, which saves material and costs.

Your garbage bags manufacturer and supplier: INFOLIO

INFOLIO from Velden is your reliable manufacturer and supplier for garbage bags and garbage sacks. Benefit from our favorable conditions.

Would you like to take advantage of economies of scale and buy large quantities of garbage bags at a particularly favorable price? Then find out about one of our interesting additional services: We store the goods you buy and deliver partial quantities on call to your locations. This service is particularly attractive for bulk buyers such as cleaning companies, municipalities or corporations. Whether you need large or small quantities of garbage bags - we will be happy to supply and advise you.

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