Gerne bedrucken wir HDPE-Folien nach Ihren Wünschen.

HDPE films directly from manufacturer

The stable HDPE film is indispensable in packaging technology. It is tear, scratch and wear resistant. Thanks to the excellent material properties of low-pressure polyethylene, even very thin films meet high packaging requirements. This saves material and costs compared to other types of film. We supply HDPE film as tubular film, half-tubular film and flat film, among others. We also supply blanks, hoods, bags and carrier bags made of HDPE.

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HDPE film from INFOLIO - Product data

Category: PE film
  • Polyethylene: HDPE (PE-HD),
  • virgin 1a, regenerated, mono (1-layer) or coex (multilayer),
  • RUWOLEN film.
Width: from approx. 70 mm - 6000 mm
Thickness: from approx. 10 µm (my)
Coloring: any according to your specification

Flat films, tubular films, semi-tubular films, gusseted films, construction films, cover films with or without edge trim

Ready-made products:

Hoods, bags, carrier bags, sacks, blanks

Printing: flexo printing up to 8 colors according to Pantone© or HKS
Design: perforated, needled or perforated
Other designs: suitable for freezing, sealable
Surface: slippery
Additives: Antistatic, UV stabilizer, anti-block, GUR additive, antifog
Applications: packaging industry, medical technology, construction industry, electrical industry, automotive industry, food industry, agriculture, ...
Minimum quantities: depending on article type and dimension 100 - 300 kg

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Print finishing

Take advantage of our experience in foil printing and benefit from our low prices. We print all foils according to your wishes.

What is HDPE film?

HDPE film refers to a thin-walled packaging material made of low-pressure polyethylene. Film made of HDPE convinces with high strength and durability even with low material thickness. We produce films for you with from 6 µm.

What is the difference between HDPE film and LDPE film? Compared to LDPE film, HDPE film is stiffer, creases more easily and has a more matte surface. You can also recognize HDPE film by its characteristic rustling sound. Since HDPE film is a bit more cloudy, we call it natural transparent.

When exposed to intense sunlight, the film becomes brittle over time. To achieve higher resistance to sunlight, we can add UV stabilizers during production. Other additives are possible. With a GUR additive, for example, we achieve higher slip resistance. We supply both vending machine film on the roll and prefabricated goods such as hoods, bags, garment bags and carrier bags made of HDPE. Our HDPE products can be recycled.

What is HDPE?

HDPE (PE-HD) stands for high-density polyethylene, low-pressure polyethylene or rigid polyethylene. Polyethylene (PE) is the most important basic material for film production and has a convincing positive eco-balance from production to disposal. Polyethylene is obtained by the polymerization of ethene. In addition to HDPE films, we also offer LDPE films and MDPE films as well as multilayer and composite films. We will be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the individual film types. We are sure to find a suitable offer for your needs.

What are the properties of HDPE film?

  • HDPE film is strong and tear resistant,
  • it is suitable for freezing and heat resistant,
  • slippery for optimal machine runability,
  • has a high density (0.94-0.97 g/cm³),
  • is resistant to water, acids, alkalis and alcohols, among others,
  • polyethylene is recyclable or burns without residue to water and carbon dioxide,
  • the optics is natural transparent as standard,
  • available from INFOLIO at an excellent price-performance ratio.

What are the different HDPE films available at INFOLIO?

Please feel free to get an overview of our foil assortment. Please also contact us if you do not find the product you are looking for. Let us find a solution to your packaging challenge.

PE films by type

HDPE tubular film

Tubular films are produced by blown film extrusion and can be easily welded into precisely fitting bags or sacks. Delivery is made on small rolls or on large rolls.

HDPE semi-tubular film

Semi-tubular film is a tubular film open on one side. Semi-tubular film is usually sealed by machine to form precision-fit packaging in a similar way to tubular film.

HDPE flat film

To produce LDPE flat film, we slit the tubular film obtained by blow extrusion. Flat film is suitable for further processing by hand or machine.

LDPE shrink film

We can provide you with shrink films according to your needs. With it you protect your pallets or products. Often shrink films are needled to allow the air to escape.

HDPE films after processing

Printed HDPE film

We are happy to print HDPE film for you. Our spectrum includes eight colors. Benefit from our comprehensive know-how in film printing.

HDPE film transparent or colored

By default, HDPE has a natural cloudy color. On request, we can color the film for you. Let us design a custom packaging solution for you.

Recycled HDPE film/ construction film

Due to their high stability, HDPE films are particularly suitable as construction films. For example, they protect and bundle building materials that are delivered to the construction site or serve as a tarpaulin.

UV-resistant film

PE film tends to age when exposed to strong sunlight. We use a UV additive to extend the life of the film, if necessary, when you want to store items outside.

INFOLIO: Your HDPE film manufacturer

Are you looking for a reliable HDPE film manufacturer? Together with our partners in Eastern Europe, we process 25,000 tons of granulate annually into films and film products. INFOLIO is located in Velden an der Pegnitz. From there, 15 employees maintain fair and long-term customer relationships with companies in various industries, from automotive to construction to pharmaceuticals. Another 160 employees work at the production sites.

As a special service, we offer warehousing and order picking of our products. Take advantage of outsourcing and save considerable costs. First, if you purchase larger quantities, the price is reduced. Secondly, you can request the products as needed at any time with minimal manpower. Third, we offer unbeatable storage conditions. Would this be interesting for you? INFOLIO. We are your film service provider.

We would be happy to present the advantages and disadvantages of the individual films to you and find out in a personal discussion with you which packaging solution is most favorable for you. Contact us for an individual offer.

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