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OPP film and BOPP film from INFOLIO

Are you looking for a stable film packaging? The highly transparent BOPP and OPP films from infolio are ideal for packaging food, hygiene articles and other demanding applications. We can provide you with films that exactly meet your requirements in terms of size and material properties, with an advertising-effective imprint if desired.

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BOPP/OPP films from INFOLIO - Product data

Category: Foil
  • OPP mono film
  • OPP laminated film
Width: from approx. 70 mm - 4000 mm
Thickness: from approx. 15-100 µm (my)
Coloring: any color according to your specification
  • Flat films,
  • Semi-tubular films,
  • large rolls and small rolls.
  • with or without edge trim

Bags, blanks, block bottom bags, cross bottom bags, bottom gusset bags.

Printing: Flexo printing up to 9 colors according to Pantone© or HKS
Finish: perforated or hot-needled
Other designs: suitable for freezing, sealable
Surface: antistatic
additives: Antifog

Double side heat sealable on vertical and horizontal flowpack machine. Packaging industry, medical technology, electrical industry, food industry, agriculture.

Minimum quantities: 100 - 300 kg depending on article type and dimensions.

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Print finishing

Take advantage of our experience in foil printing and benefit from our low prices. We print all foils according to your wishes.

What is OPP film?

OPP film is a special film made of polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene is one of the most commonly used plastics for packaging, along with polyethylene (PE).

OPP (also PP-O) stands for oriented polypropylene. OPP film is manufactured by passing polypropylene film through a roll directly after extrusion. The film becomes more resistant than the original PP film due to the so-called stretching in one direction. Adhesive rolls are often made from OPP film. In addition, OPP film is used in composite films.

What is BOPP film?

If PP film is stretched in both longitudinal and transverse directions, it is referred to as a biaxially stretched film, BOPP film (also PP-BO). As a result, the film gains stability in two directions. Due to their excellent material properties, BOPP films make up the largest proportion of PP films. BOPP films impress with their excellent mechanical and thermal properties.

If you would like to deepen your knowledge about film plastics, we recommend the corresponding articles on Wikipedia: Polypropylene. However, you do not need to be or become an expert in the field of material science: We will be happy to advise you on which film is best for you.

What are the properties of OPP film and BOPP film?

PP films are highly transparent and food-safe. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for flexible packaging of sweets, vegetables, spices, bakery products and the like. They are also perfect for protecting medical products as well as hygiene and cosmetic items due to their physiological harmlessness. Any other field of application is conceivable. Feel free to ask us if you are unsure in your context.

Among other things, stretching improves the film's temperature resistance, strength, impermeability to water vapor (barrier effect) and transparency. Due to the optimized material properties of biaxially oriented film (BOPP film), this type of film is mostly used.

At INFOLIO you can get OPP films and BOPP films with optimal machinability and excellent sealability. You can rely on excellent product quality. By combining different films and materials, we as a film manufacturer can create exactly the material properties you need. We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities of a composite film.

Is it possible to print on BOPP film and OPP film?

There is tremendous competition in the industry for the sale of most consumer goods. With an effective advertising print on the film packaging, you can convince your potential customer of your product. We will gladly take care of printing your OPP films or BOPP films. You can find out more information about our high-quality printing process here: INFOLIO's film printing.

Which products made of BOPP film or OPP film can you get at INFOLIO?

At INFOLIO you can get films that exactly meet your needs and your packaging machines, whether in terms of dimensions, thickness or material properties. Among others, you can find the following products at our company:

  • BOPP/OPP semi-tubular film
  • BOPP/OPP flat film

We will gladly convert and finish the films for you. As an OPP film manufacturer, we focus exactly on your requirements. Order from us:

  • BOPP/OPP blanks
  • BOPP/OPP film bags
  • BOPP/OPP film food safe
  • BOPP/OPP film metallized
  • BOPP/OPP film printed
  • BOPP/OPP film antistatic
  • BOPP/OPP composite films (e.g. with polyester, aluminum or polyethylene films)

INFOLIO: your manufacturer of PP films, OPP films, OPP films

We are your specialists for film production and processing. The headquarters of our traditional company is located in Velden, Franconia. We have been active in the industry for over 15 years and enjoy the trust of well-known companies from all over the world. With us you get individual packaging solutions at attractive prices. In our production we use modern machines and processes. In our own development department we are constantly improving our films. Convince yourself of our competent advice and precise scheduling. Contact us and discuss your needs with us.

We will be happy to present you the advantages and disadvantages of the individual films and find out in a personal discussion with you which packaging solution is most favorable for you. Contact us for an individual offer.

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