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From garment protection sleeves to quick-closure bags for small parts, everything is possible - thanks to extensive conversion options. You have a say in carton quantities, sub-packaging and pallet quantities. Also take advantage of our large immediate program of quick-closure and flat bags.

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Sustainably efficient: in/folio® PCR films

(Post Consumer Rezyklat)

We have the PCR quality you need!

While a very high qualitative standard has already been established for post-industrial recyclate, post-consumer recyclate cannot be used in all areas with the same quality requirements due to its higher impurities. In order to maintain the optimum balance between resource conservation and quality, we at in/folio Verpackungs GmbH can also produce combinations of virgin and recycled films by using multilayer extrusion techniques and skilfully incorporating PCR plastics here.

in/folio® PCR films are much more odor-neutral than other films made from the same recyclate. Through the interaction of odor neutralization technology, we succeed in removing a considerable proportion of these odorous substances. While the extruder system mainly takes care of the highly volatile, low-molecular substances, the odor neutralizer also removes the low-volatile, high-molecular odor substances.

Labeling your product with the Blue Angel® eco-label is possible.