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Plastic bags from INFOLIO - Product data

Category: Carrier bags
  • Polyethylene (PE carrier bags): LDPE, HDPE, MDPE
  • virgin 1a, regenerated, mono (1-layer) or coex (multilayer),
  • RUWOLEN carrier bags (reduced thickness).
Sizes: 200 - 750 mm up to 650 mm length
Thicknesses: 20- 100 µm (my)

Models/ handle types

Handle bags, rider strap carrier bags, double strength bags (DKT carrier bags), loop carrier bags (with or without edge wrap), shirt carrier bags.


Flexo printing up to 10 colors, HD flexo printing possible.


UV varnish, protective varnish, hologram

Folding: with or without bottom fold (maximum bottom fold depth: 80 mm)
Surface: slippery or non-slip
Coloring: any color according to your specification
Fields of application: Industry, retail, trade fair
minimum quantities: from approx. 5.000 pieces

Framework contracts for major customers

Take advantage of the price benefits of large purchase quantities. We will gladly take over the warehousing and commissioning for you.
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Print finishing

Take advantage of our experience in foil printing and benefit from our low prices. We print all foils according to your wishes.

Why should you have plastic bags printed?

Plastic bags are the most common transport containers for shopping. In the retail trade, it is hard to imagine a service product without plastic carrier bags. An advertising-effective imprint is an essential part of this and ensures an appealing appearance of the carrier bag. Use the surface of the shopping bag for your advertising.

Handle hole bag printed

For small goods, the handle hole bag is popular.

Rider strap carrier bags printed

Rider strap carrier bags are large handle hole bags with reinforcement along the bag opening.

DKT carrier bags (double kraft bags) printed

The common carrier bag model double force bag has glued-in reinforcements in the handle area.

Shirt carrying bags printed

Very popular with butcher and baker stores.

Is it possible to have small quantities of plastic bags printed?

We print plastic bags for you even in small quantities. Please contact us.

How expensive is it to have plastic bags printed?

Thanks to our optimized manufacturing processes, we are able to offer you affordable prices for printed plastic bags. However, the prices of foil printing depend very much on the individual order. The larger the manufacturing quantity, the cheaper the price will be for you. Our tip: Have a large quantity of plastic bags printed. We will be happy to take care of storage and picking for you afterwards. This way, you benefit from the positive economies of scale and save a lot of costs.

How does film printing work?

We use the so-called flexo printing for printing the plastic bags, which enables optimal printing results and exact reproducibility of the orders. You can find more technical details on our page about foil printing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of printed plastic bags compared to other carrier bags?

The advantages of plastic bags include the following:

  • Printed plastic bags have an appealing look and convey your advertising message.
  • Plastic bags can be produced at a low cost.
  • It is 100% recyclable.
  • Since little energy and water are required in the production of plastic bags, its eco-balance is good. Therefore, from an environmental point of view, it is much better
  • than it is sometimes portrayed in the media.
  • Plastic bags are very light and tear-resistant.
  • The plastic material does not allow moisture to pass through. In the plastic bag, you can carry your shopping home unharmed even in the rain. If something accidentally
  • leaks or gets dirty inside the bag, the plastic bag will keep tight.
  • Plastic bags can be reused frequently. When stored, they take up little space.

Despite the clear advantages of the plastic bag, many retailers have reservations about this service product. The disadvantages of the plastic bag lie essentially in its poor environmental image. But how harmful to the environment are plastic bags really?

Damage is caused primarily by the improper disposal of plastic bags. If plastic film ends up in nature, it takes 100 to 500 years to degrade. This results in damage to the animal and plant world. This problem is less prevalent in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Here, the plastic bags are mainly recycled by the waste management company or at least recovered for energy. If you take the entire life cycle assessment of the plastic bag into account, you will come to the conclusion that the plastic bag is in a pretty good position compared to the alternatives.

What can you do as a retailer?

Charge for the disposal of plastic bags

Printed plastic bags are usually issued for a fee, especially in retail. A levy is not required by law, but many retailers choose to do so voluntarily. Charging for plastic bags promotes customer appreciation of the precious resources used.

Issuing attractive and sturdy plastic bags

The life cycle assessment of a plastic bag becomes better the more often it is reused. Therefore, we recommend issuing high quality shopping bags. The shopping bags we produce are tear-resistant and sturdy, which means they can be used multiple times. Also, an attractive appearance ensures that customers like to use the bags more often.

Use of printed plastic bags made of recycled material

At INFOLIO, you can get plastic bags that are mainly made of recycled material These bags are superior to most alternatives in terms of eco-balance. With the "Blue Angel" eco-label, your customer knows that he is holding a resource-saving product in his hands.

Use of paper doors

If you can and want to do without the advantages of the plastic bag - such as good value for money, tear resistance and resistance to moisture - we recommend paper bags as an alternative. From the point of view of environmental protection, paper bags have the advantage that if they get into the nature, they will rot within a short time. The disadvantage is essentially the poorer ecological balance of the paper bag. This results from the fact that much more energy and water is required in the production process than in the production of a plastic bag. The reuse of paper bags is also more difficult due to their lower tear strength. Ultimately, just like the plastic bag, the paper bag is a disposable product with advantages and disadvantages.

Whether you want to offer paper bags, plastic bags, or both, you can always choose promotional products. We print for you both plastic bags and paper bags with your logo and advertising message.

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