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Poly bags / foil bags directly from the manufacturer

At INFOLIO you can get a wide range of poly bags at attractive prices. Whether for storage or transport - the film bags reliably protect your goods and products from dirt and moisture. Find out here which variants of the intelligent packaging are available and what you should consider when buying. If you have any questions, our experts will be happy to help.

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Foil bags from INFOLIO - Product data

Category: Bag
  • Polyethylene (including LDPE film bags, LLDPE film bags, HDPE film bags, MDPE film bags),
  • Polypropylene (PP bags, OPP bags, BOPP bags)
  • INFOLIO® PCR PE bags
Sizes: from approx. 70 mm
Thicknesses: from approx. 10 µm (my)
Seams: bottom seam, side seam, LTN = bottom and side seam


Any according to your specification

loose in carton, blocked for tear-off or perforated on roll

Printing: flexo printing up to 8 colors according to Pantone©
Finish: perforated or needled
Other designs: suitable for freezing, heat-sealable, shrinkable
Closure: different types of closure possible see also flap or adhesion closure bags, pressure closure bags, grip hole bags, sliding closure bags.
Surface: slippery or non-slip
Additives: Antistatic, UV stabilizer, antiblock, GUR additive, antifog, non-scratch material.
Fields of application: Medical technology, electrical industry, automotive industry, food industry, toy industry, promotional article industry, handicraft supplies, delicatessen, bakery, confectionery, and many more.
Minimum quantities: depending on article type and dimensions 100 - 300 kg

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Learn how to save significant costs by choosing the right film.
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Print finishing

Take advantage of our experience in foil printing and benefit from our low prices. We print all foils according to your wishes.

What are poly bags / film bags?

Poly bags refer to bags that are made of plastic film. Poly usually stands for polyethylene (PE). Foil bags and PE bags are other common terms. In addition, a poly bag can be made of polypropylene and is then also called a PP bag. The packaging is used in almost every branch of industry. For example, they protect food or textiles from dust and environmental influences. At INFOLIO you can get film bags made of polyethylene (PE) as well as polypropylene (PP).

What types of plastic bags are available at INFOLIO?

We offer plastic bags in many different versions. You will find a selection below.

Flat bags

A common type of bags are the flat bags made of polyethylene. The flat bags without folds can be used in many ways, for example for chocolates or small components. For more information, see the flat bags product page.

Side gusseted bags

Film bags that have a fold on the side are called gusseted bags. They are particularly convenient for packaging voluminous products. You can find out more about them on our gusseted bags product page.

Adhesive closure bags

At INFOLIO you can get film bags with flap and adhesive closure, the so-called adhesion closure bags. Read more about this practical flap pouch on our adhesion closure pouch product page.

Pressure seal bag

A pressure seal bag is easy to open and reseal. Therefore, it is a convenient packaging for small products to be taken out at different times, such as screws or rubber bands.

Bubble bags

Bubble bags are especially practical when it comes to the safe transportation of goods. Like all our bags, individual dimensions are possible. Contact us and let us advise you.

Poly bags printed

You can have all our poly bags printed - whether with a warning notice or with promotional product details. We are your specialists for printed foil bags. Find out more about our foil printing here.

Where are poly bags used?

Poly bags for textiles

We offer transparent foil bags for t-shirts, shirts as well as other textiles. Especially in online trade, the bags ensure that the ordered goods arrive intact at the recipient. Special designs are possible at any time. We will gladly print your polybags.

Polybags for food

Our food-safe film bags are suitable for packaging bread, baked goods, chocolates, popcorn or ready meals, for example. Please let us know if you want to use the foil bags for food when you place your order.

Foil bag packing

No matter what you want to pack, poly bags are a practical cover when transporting and storing products. The film protects the goods from external influences such as dust and moisture.

Buying poy bags - this is what you should pay attention to

What thickness should you choose for a polybag?

You can get polybags in different thicknesses starting from 10 µm. Which thickness is most suitable for you depends on the intended use. Heavy or angular products usually require a higher material thickness of the poly bags, whereas light products can be packed in thin-walled film bags. These are usually less expensive than thicker bags due to the lower material usage. At INFOLIO, however, there is another way: thanks to a special production process, our bags made of RUWOLEN film offer high tear strength despite low material thickness. Ask us about this economical solution.

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How big should the polybag be?

With us you can get poly bags in standard sizes from 70 mm as well as in individual dimensions.

You can save considerable costs if you choose the right size of poly bags. The size also depends on the product to be packed. If it is a flat object, such as a sheet of paper, you can simply use the respective width and height as a basis.

If you want to pack a cardboard box or other cuboid object, you can choose a flat bag or a gusseted bag.

The dimension of a flat bag is calculated for cuboids as follows:

  • Height: height of carton + depth of carton + overhang.
  • Width: width of the box + depth of the box

You can calculate the dimension of a gusseted bag as follows:

  • Height: Height of the box + Depth of the box + Protrusion
  • Width: width of the box
  • Gusset: half the depth of the carton times 2 (see illustration).

Please note that a few millimeters should be added to all sizes to allow for convenient packing.

No matter what you want to pack, we will be happy to calculate the appropriate size for you.

What quantity of foil bags should you buy?

If you need a large quantity of foil bags, you can take advantage of our bulk discounts. If you have a frequent need for bags, we will be happy to do the picking for you. You save on storage costs and can regularly order smaller quantities at favorable conditions. We would be happy to inform you about this service in a personal conversation.

What do I have to consider when choosing a material?

The different material properties have advantages and disadvantages. Discuss your needs with us. We are guaranteed to find the best solution.

Polybag LDPE

LDPE stands for low-density polyethylene. Film bags made of LDPE have a very transparent appearance and are easily stretchable. Read more here: LDPE bags.

Polybag HDPE

HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene bags. These are more robust and less stretchable compared to LDPE film bags. The transparency is lower than LDPE.

MDPE polybags

Medium density poly bags are made of a combination of LDPE and HDPE plastic, thus also combining the different material properties.

Polybag LLDPE

LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) stands for linear low-density LDPE. Film made from this material is particularly stretchable and impact resistant. Visually, it is less transparent than LDPE.

Poly bags RUWOLEN

Bags made of RUWOLEN film, which you can obtain exclusively from INFOLIO, are particularly tear-resistant even with low material thickness. This property enables a saving of up to 40% of the conventional material costs.

Polybag PP

Bags made of stretched polyethylene (OPP and BOPP) are highly transparent and especially stable. Due to the high moisture barrier and food-safe properties, polybags made of PP are optimal packaging for food.

INFOLIO - your polybag manufacturer from Germany

INFOLIO is your specialist for film bags. As a manufacturer of poly bags, we have many years of experience in film processing. No matter what kind of film bags you need, whether with fold closure or imprint, with INFOLIO you have an experienced expert at your side. In addition to pouches, we also offer films and carrier bags, among other products.

How can we help you? Let us advise you and request an individual offer right away.

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